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We specialize in:
Cropping of high
quality greek Oregano
with essential compound
of over 70 % carvacol.
(Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum)


Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum



Oregano Dried Herb, Oregano Essential Oil



Greek oregano is such an excellent quality product that is considered to be among the best varieties around the world.  Its essential oil is produced by steam distillation of oregano leaves and flowers. Oregano essential oil is known for its excellent therapeutic properties. Oregano is widely used in Greek and Italian cuisine, where its distinctive aroma and taste are undeniably associated with a classic Greek salad or an Italian pizza.



Culinary, Aromatherapy, Animal Feed, Perfumery, Cosmetic



Its therapeutic properties are endless. According to laboratory research findings, oregano has intense antioxidant action thanks to its high concentration of phenols and flavonoids.

There is good medical evidence that oregano is also effective in the treatment of not only respiratory ailments, but also those of the gastric tract and the central nervous system, whether it is ingested in tea form (infusion or beverage) or used topically in ointment form.

According to a publication on the prestigious scientific website PubMed, oregano essential oil, rich in active elements therapeutic for the human body, has optimal antioxidant protective action when drunk as an infusion in hot water.

It can confront a wide range of bacteria, viruses and gems. It’s a strong antibiotic against respiratory and digestive system’s infections.  It’s also used against allergies, viral infections, otitis, dermatitis, gingivitis, nail fungus, herpes and cough.

In traditional medicine, gargle with an oregano-based decoction effectively combats tonsillitis, while adding it to bathwater makes for a stimulating and stimulating bath.


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