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THARROS HERBS AND OILS PC is a trusted and reliable partner that holds a range of certifications, annually reviewed, in order to guarantee the constantly high quality of our products.



ISO 22000:2018 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with scope of certification the receipt, cleaning, sorting and packaging of dried oregano.

The organization, responding to the requirements of the modern business environment, aiming to the improvement of its organizational structure and its internal operation and to the production and distribution of safe, quality and legitimate products (taking always in account the safety requirements placed by customers and authorities), has decided to plan and apply a Food Safety and Quality Management System according to the Greek and European legislation and ISO 22000:2018 standard, for the following scope: Reception, cleaning, sorting and packaging of dried oregano.

Link: Certificate_BMC_19_EN ESYD


Processor / Packing, Wholesaler of ORGANIC OREGANO (Origanum vulgare), according to Article 29 §1 of Reg. (EC) No 834/2007

Link: bio_certificate_tharros

Crop Production of Organic Oregano, Levander and Lemon Balm according to Article 29 §1 of Reg. (ΕC) No 834/2007 and of Reg. (ΕC) No 889/2008.

Link: bio_certificate_tharros


Environmental Awareness

The organization considers the environmental issues to be of great importance and is committed to take all measures necessary to protect the environment by determining and minimizing the operational aspects that can affect the environment.

The use of solar photovoltaic power plants is anticipated for most of the energy consumed for the production process.

Link: environmental_policy


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